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ng christmas

2007-12-11 18:48:35 by mario77777

i got banned from submittung since i removed two flashes damnit also i made a 7 mushroom my self

ng christmas

why why

2007-12-03 16:44:07 by mario77777

flash 8 isnt available anymore and i wuz about to but it now its cs3 (which sucks!)

Lucky 77777 crew

2007-10-23 14:53:59 by mario77777

Walright lets do this!
remember though "The Lucky 7 Crew is Rising slowly........"
Yay yoshits's b-day is comin


Yoshi77777 really helps. Between you and me im jealous of his whistle... asshole i mean umm animater ^-^. Also he has a retarded shitty flash player. And hes the guy with the good whistle. -Animator

this lucky lady made me a banner any member who doesnt have a banner ask her shes great-banner designer
Big mama katies sisya older bro are not founders but family.

OBJECTION!!!!!!!! (from phenoix wright)
i cant deal being the lucky garbage whistle

Lucky 77777 crew

cheat center wii center and maybe advice center

2007-09-14 18:59:02 by mario77777

hello this is the NEWGROUNDS CHEAT AND STRADEGY GUIDE INC. please submit your favorite cheats and games to here
also if you have the nintendo wii and have internet ascess i would to be your wii freind on the wii message board my console number is 8665 8652 3172 9544
to do so you need
1 to give me your wii #
2 have internet connettion(wi-fi)
3 register me
also my wisle

hey heres my bio

cheat center wii center and maybe advice center